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Hello all you silly monkeys out there!

Monkeys are the best, aren't they. Did you know there is a Monkey Club? Well, there is, but that's another page. It's link is at the bottom. You can be in the Monkey Club if you like, just go to the link below.

Do you like monkeys? Well, if you do, show your monkey appreciation!

- Wear clothes with pictures of monkeys, or clothes that show monkeyness. - Say," Monkey Power!", as often as possible. - Draw pictures of monkeys on everything and anything-(book covers, notes, binders, desks, backpacks, etc.) - Join the Monkey Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Virtual Insults!

My Monkeyriffic list of links:

The Monkey Club
It's the greatest club on earth. All you have to do is love monkeys! If you sign up to be a member, you get a cool monkey name. If you go anywhere, you have to go here!
Donna's Monkeyriffic Site: Bassoons and Monkeys
This is my friend Donna's really cool site. She has some really funny jokes, and she loves monkeys!
Becky's Skittle Page
Becky is another one of my friends. She's a skittles freak, and she has an awsome page. She has really neat-o link, too. Lot's of her links are to adopt cyber pets.
The Monkey Hall of Fame (and shame)
This page recognizes all those who made a difference in the lives of monkeys, whether it was good or bad. You may nominate someone or something to be in there.
California Avocados
This page is pure fun. There are games, recipes, and free avocado postcards.
Cows are Evil
The Anti-bovine page. Find out what those crazy cows are up to.
Join the Monkey Club!
The coolest club around. Get your own monkey name and everything!
The Silly Schmilly Page
It's a page full of Silly Schmilly Stuff. Goofy and fun. Come now! There's even a recipe to make your own silly putty.
Monkey Pics!
You asked for it, and now you got it! It's a page of awsome monkey pics!